CAM Ranches is a Gardiner Angus Ranch Allied Producer
As an Allied Producer, we share the same breeding philosophy as Gardiner Angus Ranch. Our common goal of producing high-accuracy, high-valued seedstock backed by science, technology and best practice management will insure an end product in demand for years to come. This operation, as an Allied Producer, is committed to earning our customers’ loyalty through science-based, market-driven programs designed to meet the global needs of consumers around the world.

As a Gardiner Angus Ranch Allied Producer, CAM Ranches:
  • Shares the breeding philosophy of mating proven, high accuracy sires to daughters of high accuracy sires;
  • Uses GAR genetics and GAR breeding strategy as the exclusive nucleus of their breeding programs;
  • Offers the same GAR Guarantee;
  • Offers the Guaranteed Gardiner Genetics (G3) source and age verification program to their customers and subsidizes their participation through a tag rebate;
  • Complies with American Angus Association rules regarding the testing of bulls and females for arthrogryposis multiplex (AM) and neuropathic hydrocephalus (NH);
  • Assists in marketing customers’ calves through the GAR network of order buyers;
  • Supports and coordinates feedlot relationships for commercial customers retaining ownership;
  • Coordinates with GAR to provide access to U.S. Premium Beef’s marketing grids for commercial customers retaining ownership.
As the beef industry makes scientific progress through the development of molecular breeding values and marker assisted EPDs, as an Allied Producer, we will aggressively use the data to implement new and better programs, offer more services and continue producing superior Angus genetics.