Breeding Philosophy

CAM Ranches employs a total AI and embryo transfer breeding philosophy. We insist on using proven bulls year after year, enabling us to stack generations of high performance sires that are highly predictable. Donor females are selected by balancing their genomic data and EPDS with visual appraisal. CAM markets all bulls through Gardiner Angus Ranch’s (GAR) spring and fall sales in Ashland, Kansas. Most registered females are marketed through our joint production sale each May with Ogeechee Farms in Wadley, Georgia or GAR’s spring sale. Every year some of the Angus breed’s most elite genetics are shared. All females are sold by four years of age allowing our customers to capitalize on the cows’ most productive and efficient years of her life.

As a proud Guaranteed Gardiner Genetic supplier and GAR Allied Producer, all bulls generated are developed and marketed through GAR. Our goal is to produce bulls that will sire calves that are born easily with optimum pre-weaning growth followed by explosive post-weaning gain and added carcass merit. Female mates to these high powered bulls go through a similar rigorous selection process.

The impact GAR genetics have had on the commercial cattle feeding sector is well documented. Certified Angus Beef continues to be one of the most successful beef brands in the meat case and confirms the consumer demand for high quality beef. Consequently, Angus cattle carrying the genetic excellence, like we offer, have the ability to deliver this kind of long-lasting impact.

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CAM Ranches
is a Gardiner
Angus Ranch
Allied Producer

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