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Charles and Sandra McPeake

CAM Ranches works to provide products and services that are second to none. We understand potential buyers have many opportunities to add Angus genetics to cowherds. We’d like to share with you information about our philosophy and programs. While anyone can claim to have a program, being disciplined enough to set goals and doing what it takes to meet them is another endeavor completely.

Our philosophy about the cow business is quite simple: Operate with the utmost integrity and produce Angus seedstock that will ultimately progress the business of beef.

Cow-calf profitability is dependent on reproductive efficiency and maternal ability. These two measures are of paramount importance to our program. At CAM Ranches, we happen to place strict criteria on end product merit and post weaning growth as these measures are essential for commercial producers who have a gate to plate production mentality.

Make no mistake, our “carcass cattle” are very well-balanced with respect to balanced-trait selection. Our cattle rank in the top 1% of the Angus population for post-weaning growth and carcass merit and are very desirable for maternal, reproduction, and efficiency traits. Importantly, we blend a scientific approach with a big dose of common sense (visual appraisal for structural soundness, phenotypic balance, fleshing ability, etc.) resulting in Angus seedstock that deliver value regardless of marketing endpoint. We like to think of this extreme genetic balance as a necessity that represents a wise genetic investment. In selecting genetics for our herd, we take great care in only adding cattle that will add to our genetic base and are profitable for our customers.